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September 23, 2009

Jessica Stam For Numero Korea #15 by Mariano Vivanco

Numero_Korea_Cover[1] Numero_Korea_Cover_Story_1[1]
Numero_Korea_Cover_Story_2[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-01[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-02[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-03[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-04[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-05[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-06[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-07[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-08[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-09[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-10[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-11[1]
Numero_Korea_Heroine-12[1] Numero_Korea_Heroine-13[1]


john2_el_mejor said...

Really cool!

Fakeshake3 said...


peace_oglory said...

How can someone not like her?! She is absolutely amazing. And she can put on any face.

Junee said...

The cover is simply AMAZING, Stam is working every last picture in the spread!

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