♥♥♥ Bregje Heinen covers Vogue Hellas May 2011 by Thanassis Krikis

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Although we thought that Bregje was going to disappear of the fashion industry, last week we noticed that we were wrong. Bregje Heinen joined the comunity of TFS and she told us that she has been working a lot, the thing is that a lot of her work on campaigns and editorial hasn't been posted yet. I'm so happy because she's my favorite Spring 2010 newcomer and I'm sure that she's going to rise the rating of established model. She's so beautiful! This time she got her second got cover if I'm not wrong. The cover has a lotof text and her face is extremely photoshoped as the hairstyle. Don't worry, the editorial looks great. The behind scenes photos has been posted and Football player Djibril Cissé is also featured in the editorial. It looks interesting. We just have to wait!

Vogue Hellas May 2011 Cover
Bregje Heinen ♥
Ph: Thanassis Krikis

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Plami said...

Gorgeous sunny cover!