Freja and Karmen in Numero 107


Numero 107 October 2009
Too Cool for School
Photographed by Josh Olins
Freja Beha Erichsen
16782_Too_Cool_for_School_122_89lo 16785_Too_Cool_for_School_2_122_147lo 16791_Too_Cool_for_School_3_122_225lo 16796_Too_Cool_for_School_4_122_542lo  16805_Too_Cool_for_School_6_122_344lo 16813_Too_Cool_for_School_7_122_214lo16800_Too_Cool_for_School_5_122_488lo 16815_Too_Cool_for_School_8_122_366lo 16824_Too_Cool_for_School_9_122_89lo 16831_Too_Cool_for_School_10_122_526lo 16835_Too_Cool_for_School_11_122_338lo 16842_Too_Cool_for_School_12_122_465lo 16846_Too_Cool_for_School_13_122_225lo

Numero 107 October 2009
Photographed by Liz Collins
Karmen Pedaru
27536_Karmen_122_511lo 27539_Karmen_2_122_179lo 27544_Karmen_3_122_379lo 27547_Karmen_4_122_48lo 27550_Karmen_5_122_616lo 27553_Karmen_6_122_114lo 27555_Karmen_7_122_230lo 27561_Karmen_8_122_23lo


Wylie said...

Using those tee- shirts was really fun I think. I like ho they made tee shirts work with suits, etc. and her hair is so 90's but so cool!

Elena said...

Freja really looks like Edie Sedgwick in this shoot!

Junee said...

Freja's haircut is SO COOL on her!