♥♥♥ Alla Kostromichova and others in "Association" by Sonia Plakidyuk for Playing Fashion June/July 2011

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I love how Alla can play diferent roles, specially in this editorial. One of them she looks innocent, fresh and beautiful and the other ones she brings strong poses and serious expressions. Did you know that the first time I saw Alla (opening YSL Fall 2009) I hated her??? A lot! But by the time I noticed that she's a good model with a lot of potential.

Playing Fashion June/July 2011
Models: Alla Kostromichova ♥, Evelina Mambetova, Mariya Melnyk, Katya Likhatch, Andrey Trushkovskiy, Timothy Velykodny & Sergey Kamenetskiy.
Ph: Sonia Plakidyuk
St: Olga Yanul

source | noirfacade

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