♥♥♥ Joan Smalls & Abbey Lee Kershaw for Gucci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign by Mert & Marcus

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I have to say this! I loved the last Gucci's spring campaigns just for Joan but this time, I have to appreciate the new direction of the campaign. The blue sky, the pool and the orgasm poses have disappeared, which are the typical Gucci campaigns... -and Karmen is not in the campaign, another good point for the campaign-.

There's no dude than Joan and Abbey look stunning, they're the perfect Gucci models. The campaign has a lot of details and I think the clothes should be more focused, but I still liking it! I'm so happy for Emily Baker, she's very photogenic and it's good for a newcomer being in a Gucci campaign. Too much going on this campaign but I love it!

Gucci Fall 2011 Ad Campaign
Models: Joan Smalls ♥, Abbey Lee Kershaw ♥, Sigrid Agren, Emily Baker, Lenz Von Johnston, Anthon Wellsjo & Duco Ferwerda.
Ph: Mert & Marcus

source | TFS

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Carlos Arzate said...

Creo que ya me empieza a gustar el rubio de Abbey, se ve muy bien en la campaña al igual que Joan...pero pobre Anthon apenas y se ve :(

Saludos John!!
Mañana actualizo en facebook, perdón por el retraso hehe :)