♥♥♥ CocoRocha.com is updated 100% now!

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During the past year, Coco Rocha easily earned the title of the most web savvy model, considering the major attention she shows to both her Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as securing her presence on Tumblr. Coco regularly shares intimate moments from her daily life with her fans through the platforms - including cinematic films of her wedding and fun behind the scenes pictures and details.

Now she’s upping her social stamp, with a brand new website! Coco just launched CocoRocha.com, a fresh site which covers her 7 years in the modeling industry, complete with 44 videos, each of her 72 international covers, and almost 10,000 images to share with her 37,000 Facebook fans and almost 70,000 Twitter followers. Talk about a serious archive of her career.

The brilliant website comes thanks to Coco’s adoring husband, James Conran, who spent an overwhelming amount of time laboring over the site and its archive. For fans, writers, and friends of the supermodel, her new site serves as a testament to her position in the industry, and a legendary look at her career.
Beware - it’s easy to get lost in the seemingly endless collection of Coco images, so tread wisely into the Rocha archives!

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Mars said...

I love how "in-one" with her fans Coco is. Lovely woman.

Mars of fashion insouciance