♥♥♥ Coco Rocha is redhead again!!!

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I really like it! She's extremely gorgeous that any color could be perfect on her!

"While some of us prepare for dark autumnal hair-color transitions (we typically try to go almost black this time of year to better contrast with our olive skin when it takes a turn for the pale and pasty), Coco Rocha is bucking the trend and lightening up instead. The model, who cashed in her brunette locks for a shade of fiery red a few yeas ago before returning to brown, seems to be edging her way into auburn territory. Rocha turned up at last night’s WGSN Global Fashion Awards in New York with middle-parted strands that were tinted a ruddy chestnut. It’s subtle, but could signal a bigger transition to come (these things take time, you know). Which hue do you think works best for her?"

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